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Loving care beyond duties

The caregivers are from Fiji and the Pacific Islands. In these cultures, families live in multi-generational housing and children learn to respect and care for their elders. This is natural to them. When they come here and become caregivers, they treat their clients like respected family members. A loving bond develops between the caregiver and the patient beyond the normal required duties.

Families do not have to worry about the quality of care, and this takes pressure and worry away from the family members. The patient benefits by having a compassionate caregiver who will become their friend.


"Una came into our situation and saw what needed to be done and very soon had organized the cleaning, cooking, the pills, and the personal care."

"All our stress levels dropped and the house took on a kind of calm."

"It enabled my Mom to live out her last days with dignity in her own home."

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